Picture Guide

For the best results, your picture must follow the guide below.

Pictures that work well. Think Passport Photo!

For best results, think of a passport photo. We need pictures with the following requirements. 

  1. Only one child in picture: We have an automated process for picking the face of the child. For this reason, there should only be one child in the image you’re uploading. This is CRITICAL. No other humans or pets in the picture. 
  2. Child must be facing camera: The camera angle is critical for properly representing the child in the story. The child must be facing the camera at eye level. If we can’t see part of the child’s face, we can’t fully represent it in the story. 
  3. Close up, waist up: We need to be able to see the child from the waist up and fully in the frame of the picture. The child should not be cropped in the picture.
  4. Well lit picture: The picture must be well lit. If your picture is dimly lit, we won’t be able to see details of your child. 
  5. No face/head coverings: The child in the picture should not be wearing hats or other coverings that hide the details of the head and face. 
  6. Simple backgrounds: Keep the background simple and out of focus. That helps bring out the details of the child’s face. 

Examples of good pictures

Good picture
Very good picture
Good picture
Very good picture
Good picture

Pictures that will not work well

Pictures with the following will not give a good result.  

  1. Multiple kids/humans in the picture: No pictures with multiple people.  
  2. Child far in the picture: Do not submit a picture with the child too far in the overall picture. We loose a lot of detail if the kid is too small in the picture.  
  3. Cropped or blurred pictures: Do not upload low quality pictures in general. If the child’s face is cropped, it will not work. Same with a blurry photo. 
  4. Infants: Our stories and platform is built for kids 2-9. We do not feel infants will benefit from our platform. Pictures of infants do not come out well with our platform. 
  5. Picture Collages: We need one picture with one face in it. Collages break our system and will not give a quality result. 
  6. Pictures with hats/masks/face coverings: These pictures hide the details of your child’s face and we won’t be able to represent them well in the story. 
  7. Dark pictures and complicated backgrounds: Pictures that are dark will lose details of the child’s face. Specially if they have dark hair and skin. Same for complicated backgrounds.

Examples of bad pictures

Face blocked
Too far
No face, dark, terrible
Will not work
Face not visible, dark, cropped
Head/Face covering